Box Of Posies. Rachelle Soule.

Box of Posies was born out of a love of flowers.  With over 30+ years of owning and operating a florist, flowers have been a large part of life and it was not acceptable to stop enjoying mother natures beauty​. Enter "Box of Posies", Art designed from flowers preserved individually by us, and other organic materials.  Some favorite flowers we use include, Peony, Roses, Garden Roses, Strawflowers, Ranunculus, and Spray Roses.


We have created a collection of flower boxes with different designs, colors, textures, and flowers to create a new take on wall art and the enjoyment of flowers combined.  In doing so we have collaborated with a few other artists who are following that same vision.  We are happy to be working with Stryker Bead Works and Rustic Gems and hope to continue to grow our collective of artists trying to create a special feeling for the observer or recipient.